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local: belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood

stew: a mix of many tasty ingredients combined together

Local Stew was founded by West Bloomfield entrepreneur Stuart Carlin as an online destination to keep residents and businesses informed about what’s happening in our communities. Local Stew will serve as a single online and mobile destination for individual communities to find local news, a “master” local calendar of events, business directory plus deals and offers from local and surrounding area merchants and more.

The name Local Stew serves as a reminder that we are specific to the immediate community and we are combining several important features within the site. And of course “Stew” is a play on the “Stu” of founder Stuart Carlin’s name!

Our team is rounded out by Xac Stegner, web developer and IT specialist extraordinaire, and Kacie Mills, a superb graphic designer who now resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

You can be a big part of Local Stew by commenting on stories and by adding events, news and more. Let us know of some things you would like to see in “your” Local Stew and tell our business partners that you saw them on our site. If there is a local merchant or restaurant that you would like to see putting special offers on our site, let us and the business know!

Watch for Local Stew growth into neighboring communities around Michigan with an eye on national expansion in the near future.

If you have any questions or comments you can email us at: info@localstew.com

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the “Stew”!

Local Stew

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